Monday, July 5, 2010

Hot and Cold

I think that since today is a federal holiday, maybe it should be a hot weather holiday. However, no such luck. Therefore, I'm sitting in a room full of fans doing nothing particularly intense. It makes me wonder though, how do people ever play baseball in Arizona? I realize that the Diamondbacks have a retractable roof that they probably just close if the sun is too intense. However, how do minor league teams pull this off? Granted, many games are played at night, but they have to do something during the day. I guess there's a reason I was born in Vermont, but still, you don't choose who you get drafted by. Again, I don't have that problem is being drafted, but some people have to have that problem. It's not necessarily that I get dehydrated or anything like that, I just don't know how you can perform to the top of your ability when it is that hot. However, I have also wondered about how on earth you perform in weather conditions like Lambeau Field in the middle of December. I guess I'm just a moderate temperature guy, not too hot or not too cold. In Vermont we have both extremes although much heavier on the cold end of the spectrum. Maybe I need to move to Hawaii; I've heard it's pretty temperate there...
Photo by artic pj on Flickr

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