Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Need Deception

Given the popularity of my post yesterday about where King James would go, I wish I had had another dream last night about where Chris Bosh would end up. Unfortunately, no such luck. However, I will celebrate the Dutch victory! I was very excited to see them move into the finals. However, today is going to be a post about power soccer again. Today, I feel like it is necessary to talk about ball control. I've been recently working on different moves to attack with. As I have emphasized in previous posts, I know that my mid-wheel drive wheelchair cannot hit the ball very hard relative to a rear-wheel drive chair. Therefore, I have been trying to work on deception. I am trying to work on ways to propel the ball right but end up making my shots to the left or vice versa. I think that I need to somehow employ the sharp turns that my wheelchair can make to outmaneuver the goalkeeper who may very well have a rear-wheel drive. However, if anybody else can think of some other great ideas on how I can create deception with my wheelchair, please let me know since the Internet has been just about no help.
Photo by albany_tim on Flickr


  1. Cool article, also not that i know a lot about wheelchairs but I would suggest hitting the ball on the side near the front. This would work with a cross from the side. Picture the ball played across and receiving from the left side. While still moving forward, prior to the ball hitting turn your wheelchair slightly to the right, then right before the ball hits swing your chair left. By hitting the ball right near the front almost on the corner it should send the ball curving into the back of the goal. Hopefully that helps.

  2. Thanks for the advice, and I'm pretty sure I get what you're saying! I have to try that next time I hit the parking lot!