Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Tribute to the Boss

As I sat here last night writing about how I wanted baseball back, I feel like I wanted the Phillies to come back a little bit better than they are now. However, they still have a little bit of an opportunity left, so I will not get too depressed. However, I realize that I never talked about George Steinbrenner when he was alive, but I should give him a tribute. To say the least, I was never a fan of the Yankees using ridiculous sums of money to lure free agents away from their hometowns. However, after witnessing this whole LeBron James fiasco, I guess that George Steinbrenner was not that bad after all. He never had a television special to announce who he was signing. He signed the players to make a winning ball team and boy did they ever win. Some people have said that money buys championships, and that is true to an extent. Well spent money buys championships. Look at the Texas Rangers who under Tom Hicks have spent crazy sums of money and have had limited success. Steinbrenner was able to get the right people around him who knew how to assemble a winning ball team. The budget definitely made it possible, but it was not done by random chance. We will miss the Boss, but his Yankees better not take down my Phillies this year.
Photo by Sev! on Flickr

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