Thursday, July 1, 2010

Goalie Stops

I was thinking about power soccer again as usual. However, this time I was thinking about the role of the goalkeeper. I don't think that I would like to be goalie; I don't think I have the right mindset for it. The goalie cannot be afraid to dive in and make some contact. I see myself as more of a finesse player who would rather go around people than go through people. Nevertheless, I was thinking about the power soccer goalies while I was watching the World Cup because unlike in South Africa, we cannot pick up the ball. This means that the goalie needs to be able to do more than pick up the ball and drop kick it. I think they really need the support from the teammates to have open passing lanes. I know that during our last match, I jumped a goal kick from the other team and then proceeded to score. It is difficult to get those passing lanes but the rest of the team needs to find them in order to help the keeper. Clearing the ball from goal is really a team effort, so I hope we are able to get this together to defend our goal and not give up easy goals.

Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

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