Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poor Phillies Hitting

Because yesterday was Fiction Friday, I didn't get a chance to write about the Phillies game on Thursday. Did it strike anyone else as odd that even though Cole Hamels and the bullpen threw a one-hitter, it took 11 innings to win the game? What is wrong with the Phillies offense? Well, they will soon find out if the problem was hitting coach Milt Thompson as he was let go yesterday. Honestly, I don't think he was the problem. The Phillies have had one of the most explosive offenses in baseball for the past few years. One month of bad hitting does not mean that the coach is all of a sudden not capable of teaching them how to hit. As much as I hate to say it because I want the Phillies to turn around immediately, I really think that this is a slump. It has been a very long and painful slump, but I believe that that is all it is right now. How do you fix it? Well, any player who is able to compete in Major League Baseball has proven that he can hit a baseball. Therefore, I feel like the Phillies need to mix up the lineup and reevaluate how they play. If they can rediscover what made them great before, I think that we would see a rapid turnaround.
Photo by DeusXFlorida on Flickr

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