Saturday, July 3, 2010

Delayed Fiction

As I said yesterday, today would be Fiction Friday delayed to Saturday. Therefore, I won't delay any longer, but I guess 24 hours isn't that bad when sometimes planes are delayed longer than that.

I had always thought that I played basketball for fun. However, now that free agency hit me, I realized it was more than that. Basketball had become a career; it was no longer a pastime. I missed the freedom to play ball just to play it. Now, just playing basketball became a business venture; my points per game were like my stock price. If it went up, I was doing well, and I preferred not to talk about it when the price dropped.

Now, I had to make it all pay out. I didn't want to end up like Scottie Pippen and have to be suing for my airplane that I bought and almost end up bankrupt. However, I realized how lucky I was to even be in this scenario to play basketball for money. How many people get paid to play a game? Whatever, I thought, it all will work out somehow. With that, I walked into the conference room and began negotiations.

Photo by Matt Callow

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