Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baseball Brawls

How about that fight between the Nationals and the Marlins? Maybe I am an abnormal person, but I do not necessarily see the point of getting yourself thrown out of the game. I think that not being intimidated by an opposing pitcher is always positive. However, isn't it better to get revenge by hitting a home run than being sent to the showers? I think there'd be more productive ways to channel that anger so that you don't get kicked out, and the team is better off.

Once the team is in the fight, the situation becomes a little bit different. Of course, no one wants to get kicked out, but you also cannot let your teammate get beat up. This is why you always see those teammates that are trying to pull everyone apart. Unfortunately, they also sometimes incidentally get into the fight, but at least they are trying to help make the situation better. All these massive brawls may be very entertaining for us to watch, but I do not think that they are the best way to get revenge. I would rather hit a home run than hit the pitcher in the face. But what do I know?
Photo by allygirl520 on Flickr

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