Sunday, September 19, 2010

Statistical Method

I found an interesting article on Yahoo sports today concerning the various myths in baseball. The article uses a much more sabermetric approach to determine how each individual action relates to the probability of adding a win. I do not entirely understand everything concerning this new approach to baseball; I am much better with my traditional statistics. However, I think that it is very cool how people have determined all these different ideas about how to figure out a player contributes individually to a win. If any of you have read Moneyball (which incidentally I'm not sure if I want to see as a movie because while I really enjoyed the book, I am not sure about how well it will translate into on-screen action), you will remember how the Oakland Athletics embraced the sabermetric approach very early on in an effort to make the most out of a limited budget. Now, this kind of stat crunching has become much more popular as most teams, even though they might be reliant on the old-fashioned method of scouting, at least employ some type of statistician to reinforce the notions of the scouts. Maybe this will be where I can use my future statistics degree...
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