Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playoff Picture

It was a different experience last night watching the Phillies when it doesn't really matter. Don't get me wrong, I totally would prefer them to win, but it's kind of comforting knowing that no matter what happens, we have won the East. I think that the Phillies are definitely onto something though. Maybe if we secure the division every year ahead of time, I can enjoy this stress-free baseball for about a week. However, it seems like almost the entire league is pretty well clinched since now the Yankees and Rays have grabbed the last two playoff spots and the only thing that matters to them is who ends up with the wildcard. The National League is a little less predictable. We have the Phillies and Reds definitely in, but we are still waiting on the other two teams. However, I am predicting about the Braves and Giants will be in as the remaining two teams, but San Diego also has an outside chance. The way it looks right now, if my picture comes true, the Phillies will have Cincinnati in the first round. That would only be the first step on the way to another World Series!
Photo by DeusXFlorida on Flickr

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