Monday, September 6, 2010

Wild Cards

Well, for people who say that losing builds character, I guess the San Diego Padres are about as high integrity as any team in Major League Baseball. 10 losses in a row will do that to a team, but I bet they would sacrifice this newfound character for some of their lead back in the National League West. They are only up by one game now over the Giants, but I'm not sure what would be better for the Phillies. Since the Padres are so cold, it might be better if the Giants took the lead and left the Phillies to do with San Diego. Unfortunately, this would mean that the Giants would need to win a few more games which would put him closer to the Phillies if they don't manage to pass the Padres, but I think we are going to beat them both anyway. The Phillies did not need to play either team for the remainder of the year however, so the Phillies' success will depend on how well they can handle their in-division rivals. Personally, I am waiting for us to pass Atlanta so that none of this Wild Card stuff matters, but first we need to pull out a few more wins.
Photo by by pro_cyp on Flickr

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