Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free Time...

What do you do on a night when the Phillies don't play? Simply put, you work on your power soccer team's website. When you don't have one sport, you worry about another. Seems pretty simple to me. It seems like that is how most of my life rotates. If you don't have one sport, you find another. Needless to say, the Phillies start up again tomorrow night with a magic number of four. Honestly, I think that we will have the division without much trouble. After we swept the Braves, I sense that they will be slightly discouraged, and with the Phillies on a 10 game winning streak, I feel like some combination of four Philadelphia wins or four Atlanta losses is going to happen. Of course, if I was any good at predicting the future, I may as well star in TV infomercials where people pay an outrageous price per minute to talk to me. Just kidding, but I do think that the odds are in favor of this happening. Again, one of my majors is statistics, so I would say that the odds look good. Anyway, now you know what I did with my free time tonight.

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