Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Of course, I was correct. I was correct that the Phillies would win the National League East. Behind Roy Halladay last night, they finished off the Washington Nationals to clinch the division. Now, this gives us the ability to set rotation correctly to have the big three going against whoever our first-round opponent ends up being. Of course, I know that the Phillies can score enough runs to beat whoever they are playing on any given night, but I would rather win 9-0 than 9-8. I know that a win is a win, but since the playoffs are so high stress anyway, I would rather not have to be stressed out every night. However, I feel like the Phillies will probably not be that courteous all the time. They have had to scrap out many victories in the ninth inning and just like everyone else, but the difference is that the Phillies were better at it than most other teams. The bullpen was able to hold the lead most of the time, so that was encouraging because there's absolutely nothing worse than having a bad bullpen blow a win.
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