Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sayonara Ducks

It is with great remorse that I announce the final loss of the Ducks. We have officially been knocked out of the playoffs, so I must now part ways with so many big performers this year. For one, Evan Longoria has come up huge at the hot corner and Casey McGehee gave me enough flexibility at second to be able to deal Ian Kinsler midway through the season for Roy Oswalt when I heard rumors that he would be traded. Fortunately, my team as well as the Phillies benefited from this pickup. While talking about my pitching staff, it wouldn't be complete without the outstanding work of Mr. Ubaldo Jimenez. The guy is an absolute stud on the mound, and he single-handedly carried my team on many occasions. Of course, there was some nice supplemental work by Joakim Soria and Scott Baker. For much of the year, I had too many good outfielders, but Alex Rios and Adam Dunn led the pack for my boys as we had a good year but not ideal. Hopefully, we will come back stronger in the future. Instead of Remember the Titans, now we all have to Remember the Ducks!
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