Monday, September 13, 2010

Kick-Off Literally

The NFL had an interesting opening weekend. First, the Eagles had quite the game out of Michael Vick after Kevin Kolb went down with a concussion. Vick looked like his old self scrambling all over the field and moving the ball down the field with his arm as well as his feet. Also, I bet all those Cowboys fans are pretty furious that the final touchdown pass from Tony Romo got called back due to a holding call. After seeing the replay on ESPN this morning, it was most definitely a hold, so those fans cannot be too mad. Conversely, if you are Redskins fan, not only are you incredibly happy about that call, but I bet you're pretty happy that you signed Donovan McNabb away from the Eagles. Similarly to Vick, he looked a lot more mobile than he had been recently and his arm was looking good. Another stunner went down as the Colts got beaten by the Texans. We will see what happens with both of these teams down the road. So, it was an interesting opening week for the NFL. Unfortunately, I'm not playing fantasy football this year, but now I can just root for Philadelphia and be a fan for once.
Photo by Jayel Aheram on Flickr

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