Saturday, September 18, 2010

Highland Games

I'm not sure how many of you have ever been to a Scottish Festival near you. Well, today I was at one in New Hampshire. Even though it is largely a cultural happening, there is a definite athletic side to the event. Some people would definitely argue that dance is in itself an athletic event, but I do not even want to touch that issue right now. Rather, I would rather write about essentially what is the World's Strongest Man for Scotland. There are several different events that I do not know the proper name of, but I do know that they take an incredible amount of full body strength to be good. One event is basically pitching a giant bale of hay over a bar that is attached to a ladder. Even though these events are very basic, there is something entertaining about watching sheer physical strength. There is definitely some technique involved, but the games seemed to be largely about the pure physical. Although I tend to have a mind for the tactical side of things, I really enjoy watching these guys (although I do believe that there have been women before).
Photo By foxypar4 on Flickr

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