Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Face Forward

I have realized one of the most important aspects of power soccer that we're all guilty of breaking. Power soccer is a game that is played facing forward. What do I mean by this? Essentially, every role needs to remember about facing forward. If I am playing on the weak side wing, I need to be facing forward to be able to continue pressuring a cleared ball forward. Of course, I have watched enough footage to notice that certain players like Case Calvert actually back down the floor on a fast-break so that he can unleash a spin kick, but for those of us who can't pull that out yet, forward is definitely the way to go. Similarly, if I get beat by the offensive player, I need to get out of the way rather than try to turn and chase back towards my own goal. The reason for this is that if my momentum is going back towards my own goal, any play on the ball that I may make would only push the ball closer to my own goal. I believe and I know others do too that power soccer is a game of field position. If my team is able to keep the ball on the other half of the court, we will not give up any goals. It seems incredibly simple, but if they can't take a shot, they can't score a goal. Anyway, back to my main point, if I get beat, I need to get out of that area so that one of my teammates can pick up the attacker facing forward. So, I need to remember this, but it is always a good reminder for everyone to face forward!

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