Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lots Going On

Well, a lot certainly happened in the sports world yesterday. For one, Reggie Bush surrendered his 2005 Heisman. Unfortunately, even though his problems are off the field, his on the field accomplishments are being diminished. Not that any of his problems are excusable, but it is too bad because he was one of my favorite running backs at USC over the past few years. Another piece of big news was that thanks to Jorge Posada and the Yankees are now back in first place by one half of a game. Personally, I am a Rays fan, so not that I have anything against the Yankees, but I will not be rooting for them in this race. One more great piece of sports news was a Phillies victory combined with a Braves loss. That means that we now have a two-game lead in the East and is nice to see that Cole Hamels was able to deal a gem last night. The Phillies are going to need all three of the aces to come up huge because quite honestly I'm not too sure about Joe Blanton. He can be amazing, but he is much more sporadic than the other three. Once the Phillies are in the playoffs, I don't know who can stop them.
Photo by Sev! on Flickr

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  1. So if the Rays, take the next two and the Sox sweep Seattle... then we sweep the Yankees... my son says I sound like a little boy waiting to Santa on Christmas eve!