Sunday, September 26, 2010

East Coast Trend

Unfortunately, the magic number stays at two, but I bet that will change today. However, that really isn't the important part right now. Why bother speculating about something that will happen? Anyway, let's talk about what might happen with Carmelo Anthony. It is kind of interesting because for years we have been talking about how dominant the West Coast is. It seems that every year in the NBA finals the team from the West Coast has always been the favorite. Now, the East Coast is getting all the hype with the triumvirate in Miami and maybe with Carmelo moving to the Jersey shore. I wonder if this will significantly alter the power balance in the NBA however. The West is still powerful and the three in Miami are still from the East Coast, just reorganized. However, if all of the fire from the East is concentrated on one team, maybe they'll be able to play with the West. Many of you know I have been skeptical about Miami's success simply because I doubt each individual star will be able to get as much attention and therefore as many shots as he did before. But, I hope I'm wrong because I would like to see a little more diversity.
Photo by laffy4k on Flickr

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