Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camden Yards

Again, we are hitting the road for Phillies game tonight as they play the Dodgers. I would wait and write after that since I am betting it will be a Phillies victory to write about, but I'm not especially up to writing at midnight. So, that will be tomorrow. However, today we are going to talk about baseball in Baltimore.

I have been to Camden Yards three times before. There is a certain charm with the warehouse in right field that I remember something about Ken Griffey Junior busting a very high window in the Home Run Derby. Too bad I don't remember more than that, but it was nevertheless a giant homerun. The rest of the ballpark bears a striking resemblance to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Also, if my memory serves me, some of the people in the design process worked on both ballparks. If there is a bad seat, I was unable to find it as most seats have excellent sight lines to all areas of the field. Of course there are certain blind spots present at certain seats, but really they're very good most of the time. So, I guess I would say that if you're in Baltimore, you might as well stop by. It's one of the nicer parks I have ever been to.
Photo by Shoshanah on Flickr

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