Sunday, August 8, 2010

Will Brett Return?

Okay, first of all, I was a little bit premature on Scott leaving for Minnesota. I thought he left yesterday, but he is leaving today, so all of that stuff still applies. I was just a little bit early. On to the talk for today though. Is Brett Farve going to come back? We have asked this question every year, and every time I think that he is finally done, he proceeds to come back and have an amazing year that seems to defy age. However, I am going to predict again that he is finally done. I just wonder how long his body can hold up to the NFL. I know that NFL only plays a fraction of the games that all the other major sports leagues do, but I would daresay that football is the roughest sport on your body. Not only that, but he played football before the NFL. His body has been getting hit for a majority of his life, so he has to be wearing down. I have been known to be wrong though when it comes to predictions, so we will see, but right now all I know is that he is coming back if he is healthy.
Photo by GMO66 on Flickr

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