Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Team Chemistry

When I think about our power soccer team, I realize that what we really need to work on is our communication, but there are definite signs of improvement. Last night, I was very encouraged as we were actually calling out when a defender was in the box rather than tripping into a three in the box call and giving up a free kick. For those of you who don't know, there can only be one defender and goalkeeper in the goal box at once. The offense does not have a limit though, so it is important for someone to be in the box to support the goalkeeper. However, I think that communication goes both ways, on offense as well as defense. Communication does not necessarily need to be verbal because often times verbalization well give away a wide open weak side cut. However, sometimes something as simple as eye contact can be enough if the team chemistry is there. I do realize that some of us, like myself, have some issues physically rotating our bodies, but we all have cues that we as teammates will learn to read and react accordingly. I am hoping to be able to pick these up from my teammates better so that we all can function as a better team.

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