Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spin Kicking in a New Way

So, I took my new chair out again to play power soccer today. What I discovered was that once you figure out how to spin kick correctly, it really is much easier in a rear wheel than a mid-wheel. In order for me to get even decent power on a spin kick in my mid-wheel, I would need to take a full 360° spin and even that wasn't too accurate. However, now if I'm able to back into the ball and swing, I can nail the ball pretty well. It is actually a lot easier to back straight up and swing than it was to make that full swing that I often backed into the ball with. However, I definitely still need to practice, but I think that I will be able to learn it pretty quickly. An important note to remember though is to make sure that you have support when you're spinning because that chair (or at least my chair) spins very quickly (or at least much more quickly than I am used to). Even though it is a new drive setup, I used to drive rear wheel for about 10 years, and the power I gained in this chair is much more valuable to my game.

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