Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Comedy in the News

I have been surprised before. I admit, I am not usually a good guesser. However, there have been a few surprises in the sports world lately that have caught me off guard.
• Number one, Roger Clemens had just been indicted for perjury. You know, you'd think that after years of keeping hitters honest, he might've picked up some tips. I guess steroids affect more than just muscles (although people always talk about exercising the brain, it is not a muscle).
• Number two, Brett Farve is coming back. I guess I understand not wanting to end your career on an interception. However, I'd rather leave it on that than when I need to use my Medicare to pay for my latest injury. There is always an end even if it is not a desirable one, and I think that Brett should Pack up his Viking ship and Jet into the Hall of Fame where a player of his greatness belongs.
• Finally, apparently Fresno State and Nevada are being "selfish" for wanting to leave the WAC to join the Mountain West according to the commissioner of the WAC. So who loses out if these schools leave? Everybody else gets picked up by a different conference, but all of the jobs fall out of the conference. Does somebody want to keep his job maybe? I know I wouldn't want to go job hunting in this economy.
These are a few items that caught me off guard in the media. Kind of ironic I thought.
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