Friday, August 27, 2010

Remember CJ Henry? I Do.

Many of you may remember when the Phillies traded Bobby Abreu to the Yankees. If you remember this, you may remember that one of the important pieces of that trade was shortstop CJ Henry. A highly touted prospect from the Yankees, Henry sort of fizzled out in the minor leagues and eventually left baseball. Where did he go? He went to Kansas to play basketball with his brother Xavier Henry after a quick hiatus in Memphis where he redshirted for one year, but CJ did not have a scholarship. Again, his career died out there too, and he fell out of the news altogether... until today. According to breaking news, CJ Henry has now transferred to Southern Nazarene University, an NAIA school in Oklahoma City. Although the NAIA is definitely a step down from Kansas, Southern Nazarene is reporting that Henry is one of three Division I transfers were coming to campus for the season. I must say that that is pretty impressive for such a small name school. The benefits for Henry are also pretty obvious. Of course, he actually gets to play a significant role on a team again that he retains three years of eligibility for. Also, he won't have to play in the shadow of his brother Xavier who was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies this year. There were days when I dreamed of him being the eventual replacement for Jimmy Rollins when he turned 50 and wanted to retire. I guess that dream will just remain a dream.
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