Sunday, August 22, 2010

Say What You Mean

I think that is interesting how well some people know how to talk. However, it is even more interesting how some people can say a lot without ever saying anything. I think about the press conferences with professional athletes apologizing for some problem they had with the law or the media or the family. There's always the same script about being sorry and apologizing to the fans, the organization, the coaches, and pretty much everyone in America or the world. They really never say anything about the event, but they seem to say a lot about being sorry. Granted, they should be sorry for what they have done, but I honestly think that it sounds too scripted which leads me to doubt the sincerity. Tell me that I'm reading into it much, and I probably am, but still when everybody says the same thing, I really wonder how many of them thought about it before they wrote it. Also, I admit that I'm not much for prewritten speeches, so that might be my bias as well. However, next time you see someone on TV apologizing for some miscellaneous offense, I bet you will be able to predict exactly what they're going to say before they say it.
Photo by rick on Flickr

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