Friday, August 20, 2010

Media Circus

Today is Friday, so here comes a fictional fragment from my mind.

These days are much different than when I started to play. In those days, the reporters talked about the game, not about the drama. Now, as a member of the media, I knew that we're looking for the story behind the story. It isn't enough to write that a pitcher had a bad day. There has to be a reason. Is he hurt? Is he having family problems? Is it the manager's fault? Is he too secure with that nice new contract with all of the guaranteed money? It can never be as simple as he made a few bad pitches and got burned. And as a journalist, I had to be there to ask the questions. I had to know why even if somewhere in my mind I knew that it was just a bad day. Drama sells papers, not pat answers about feeling a little bit off that day or about the excellent effort from the opposing team. Even if the pat answers are the truth, people want more. And as long as the public wanted more, the media had to dig.
Photo by Valeriana Solaris on Flickr

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