Monday, August 30, 2010

New Day, New Year

Exciting news of the day is that Ben & Jerry's is reopened at the University of Vermont! Okay maybe that's not the biggest news of the day. Maybe the biggest news is that we have power soccer tonight! We have that every week though. I guess we have to admit that the most important thing going on today is the first day of classes. Calculus to history of China and Japan to sports nutrition. Exciting... no, I'm just kidding. It will be fun however. Even though college is a lot of work, I do enjoy being productive. I think that it is important to stay busy and avoid boredom. I think I do a pretty good job on both of these accounts. And there is that little thing called the excitement of learning. I always do enjoy learning new things, and college is a great place to do that by expanding your horizons and taking a variety of classes that you would never necessarily have a reason to learn outside of the academic setting other than for the pure enjoyment of learning. So, think of me today as I begin my sophomore year and attempt to actually play power soccer safely tonight.
Photo by DanCentury on Flickr

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