Friday, August 6, 2010

Loss of a Star

Today is Friday, so here comes some fiction!

The game sped along quickly as the Jaguars and Falcons did battle. These two giants of Florida basketball were squaring off for the first time ever as the Falcons were from the Miami area whereas the Jaguars were from the Panhandle. Fate had never brought them together until this night in March. Both teams ran a high-octane offense so there was little time for even the spectators to catch their breath. This night was a little bit different for the Falcons though. As much as their coach, Dan Smith, tried to run a very balanced offense, he was blessed or perhaps cursed by having the best player in Florida on his team who ran the offense most of the time. The blessing is how he led his team to an undefeated year while playing as good as any player in recent Florida history, but the curse comes when your team doesn't know how to run without him, and he happens to be hurt during the most important game of the year. Nothing throws off a team's balance like dropping the anchor of the team. But they had to play, they had to bring their A game tonight, or this season was over.
Photo by aturkus on Flickr

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