Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Any Good At Marbles?

This post is slightly delayed because I probably should have written it yesterday, but it was Fiction Friday, so I had to write that. However, as we were on the boardwalk in New Jersey, I was trying to look for some type of sport to write about. I wanted to go beyond the hoop shooting carnival game if I possibly could. Luckily, I was able to find a few interesting sports on the boardwalk. For one thing, this is one of the only places I have ever seen public bocce courts. However, I walked by them all day, and nobody was ever on them. According to a sign posted outside the courts, they're only open to public use from eight to 11 PM. My question is what do they do for the rest of the day? Kind of inefficient, but kind of cool nonetheless. The best part was that apparently Wildwood is one of hot spots for competitive marble playing. At one point, there are about 10 actual wooden platforms built for the National Marbles Championship. So if you get really good at this childhood game, you will end up in New Jersey to take on the best at the sport.

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