Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Developing a Team!

This is really late, but I am very excited about the fact that we had eight people come out for power soccer last night! I think that now what we need to do is begin to gel as a team. Once we are able to anticipate how each other attacks or defends, we will be able to capitalize on each others' strengths and cover for each other's weaknesses. For example, my teammates Scott and Nate have nice spin kicks. Therefore, we need to use them in a way that makes them best use the abilities that they have. However, that is only one aspect of each of their games. They each have other strengths and weaknesses that we haven't discovered yet, but as we play together more, we will learn and help each other develop into a much more solid team. I think that we have the potential to become a very good team, but I think that we need experience playing on the team and as a team to rise to the level where we can become competitive. We are practicing weekly, so now with the ability to scrimmage with a full four-on-four game, we will develop this teamwork and become a good team!

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