Thursday, August 5, 2010

See and Do

Some people learn by watching, and some people learn by doing. I'm trying my hand at both. I know that often times coaches will watch game film to see how a team performs. While rather than learn about my own team from the film, I have started watching several power soccer films that are available on the Internet to learn new strategy and better technique while I play. I know that it is definitely one thing to talk about and know how to do something than it is to actually be able to do it. As my old statistics teacher Mr. Beard used to say, "I know how to dunk a basketball, but I can't actually do it." That is why I now need to take what I have been seeing in these videos and turn it into production on the court. However, that is also easier said than done. I know what I need to do, but speeding up my reaction time and overall awareness is what I definitely need to improve in order to raise my game to a new level. You need to start by watching, but then you need to work on turning the head knowledge into usable knowledge.

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