Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Individual Accomplishments

I was very impressed with our team's practice last night. Therefore, I was thinking that today I would highlight something that every individual did well last night. So, here we go.
• Nate: You are developing wicked ball control with really sharp turning. You use that to push the ball down court and find your teammates on the weak side. It is becoming very effective!
• Linda: You were doing very well on the weak side. When Nate would cross the ball over, you were there to take this shot on goal. That is the aggression we need!
• Jamie: You were playing some awesome defense last night (I would know, we got locked up a lot). Sometimes, the best defense is not moving. The ball cannot physically go through your chair, so nice job!
• Wanda: Now that your chair is adjusted, you did a nice job in goal. Also, during our passing circle at the beginning, your timing improved so much! Practice is definitely paying off; you are getting good!
• Guy: You had some wicked saves last night! You are challenging the ball well and clearing it to the outside without making too much contact. I was glad to have you behind me in goal!
• Zeb: You stayed out of the box when I was in there! However, when I wasn't there, you covered for me and told me to stay out which is just as perfect. Also, you kept putting offensive pressure on the other team which was awesome. Power soccer is about field position, so even though you didn't score, getting the ball to the other end is a great thing to do.
• Zach: First off, nice job not getting into too many collisions. Aggression is part of the game, but definitely your control last night was much better! Also, congratulations on your goal! I believe that that was your first ever and the first of many!
• Jesse: I thought that your ball control is getting so much better! As you were scoring all 14 of your goals, you were hitting the ball with more power which is what you want to do! Nice job!
All in all, I thought we played much better last night than we ever have before. I think that the team is beginning to learn how to use each other and each other's positions. Of course, keep watching video online, but I think we are definitely moving in the right direction! (By the way, I need to get more power soccer pictures for these posts, so if you have some, let me know!)

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