Monday, October 25, 2010

Tough D

It will be an interesting day to play soccer. I'm thinking that I did learn one thing last week; aggression is necessary. Admittedly, my preferred style of play is set in the box and let the ball come to me. However, I began thinking about all I have said about field position. I realized that it's not only the goalie who should worry about field position. Typically as the center defender, I also need to stop the ball as early as possible to keep the ball away from our goal. Again, as I have said several times, power soccer is a game of field position. If the ball is on the other half of the court, there is no way the other team will score. Okay, I guess it might be possible if you have some insane spin kick like Michael Archer, but I do not know if even he could make a full-court shot through the defense. Therefore, I need to remember to be aggressive tonight, and not aggressive like full contact, flipping people over aggressive but rather aggressive in terms of playing the ball and dumping it back towards the other end. Again, remind me tonight if I forget.

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