Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Safety Valve

So, I think that after playing soccer last night, I need to reiterate one of my former points to myself. While we were scrimmaging, it was an incredibly competitive matchup. However, in the last minute I turned and faced my own goalie and bumped the ball past him while I was trying to stop a cross. So, even though the loss was unfortunate, I need to remember the fact that you need to play defense facing forward. I've also noticed from watching game film that many players play facing sideways. I guess it does make sense though because then I can spin into the ball to clear it out. However, I have a tendency to like to try to square up on the ball. So, I guess I need to learn that again. Also, I was thinking about a strategy that seems to be relatively standard in power soccer. Essentially what happens is whoever has the ball passes it to the player who is called the midfielder. The midfielder pushes the ball while being followed by the striker who serves as almost the safety in case the midfielder has to pass the ball back. The third player is on the weak side so that if the ball gets spun back to the striker, he or she has an option across the court to rotate the attack. I think this basic setup has potential, so maybe we can try it at some point.

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