Sunday, October 17, 2010

Triangle Game

I was watching power soccer footage today, and after thinking last night that offense and defense are essentially the same and interchangeable, it made me think about how a lot of power soccer is played in a triangle formation. In the picture above, you can see a relatively generic play that seems to be very common. Essentially, the offense is in a triangle with one player on each post and one at the top of the box. I noticed this type of pattern particularly with the Atlanta Synergy although it does seem to be the basic set for almost every team. The defense I portrayed in the image above is not necessarily always true because occasionally those wing players end up dropping lower if the offensive wing players are out wider than the box. However, I think that it is evident that the basic shape is a triangle on defense as well. As I was mentioning yesterday, the pattern is the same and the strategy is similar. Whoever is at center is trying to get the ball to the wing players. On offense, this will set up the assist on the goal and on defense this past will begin a fast-break hopefully. Of course, transitional defense looks a lot different than this, but this appears to be what happens when the ball is on top of the box and the one defender is settled in the box. I won't even get into transitional defense, but I thought that it was interesting how triangles occur very often when I am watching game footage.

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