Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I think that is pretty crazy how the Phillies managed to lose last night. It is very difficult to win if you don't score any runs. However, we are down, but I am hoping that Joe Blanton will be able to eat some innings tonight with minimal damage or preferably no damage. Our bullpen hasn't been heavily used, but Blanton is known for going deep into games, so I prefer not to use the bullpen in case we really do need them in the future. Incidentally, I find it very funny that I refer to myself as a member of the Phillies. I'm a very influential fan apparently. Anyway, I would like to see our offense come alive. Raul Ibanez is 0-10 recently. Not that he is all to blame, but he is the most dramatic example. The team needs to pick up on the whole. The only player who has been hitting well is Jimmy Rollins, but one man cannot carry the team. Hopefully, tonight will look different than last night, but I also hope that Texas can finish off New York tonight. The Rangers have been playing excellent ball, so I think that they deserve the trip to the World Series.

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