Saturday, October 2, 2010

Looking Toward the Playoffs

I was very impressed that the Phillies pulled off the win last night. There were some powerful shots, but none were more powerful than Jimmy Rollins' grand slam to essentially guarantee the victory. It was kind of ironic because the Phillies' announcers kept reiterating the fact that Jimmy Rollins was in a slump, and they thought that he was trying too hard. Well, I guess he busted that slump in a huge way! I realize that this game really didn't matter too much to the Phillies since we're already in the playoffs, but it is good to keep the momentum rolling. The Phillies are looking very relaxed right now which is good, but I also hope that they can maintain some tension so that there is no slacking. However, they are professionals, so I know that they will be able to keep performing at a high level and not give too little effort. Also, I hope that this incredible stretch can continue. The Phillies have had one of the best Septembers I have ever seen. Of course that is awesome, and I really want it to continue into October, but I also have to be skeptical as to how long this incredible luck can continue. Baseball takes a lot of skill definitely, but luck is also a part of the equation, and I hope that that doesn't run out until the end of the playoffs.

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