Thursday, October 28, 2010

Texas Needs to Rise

Well, all good things have to come to an end. Cliff Lee finally lost a playoff game. Amazingly, he was 7-0 in his career before during the playoffs, but I guess that everyone has to lose at some point. Unfortunately, it had to be in the World Series, but still, I feel like he will get a second shot because I do not think that the Rangers are going to simply roll over and surrender. Even though they lost last night, they scored seven runs. Obviously the offense is clicking, so now they just need to allow fewer runs. Personally, I still support Texas. I feel like it would be an excellent story when a team that had never even won a playoff game previously to go all the way through the World Series. Obviously, the Phillies should have won the World Series, but since that didn't quite happen, I guess Texas will have to be my second choice. However, I hope Texas can turn it around or else my favorite teams in the playoffs will have all choked. The Giants are not perfect, so I feel like Texas should be able to scratch their way back into this and hold that trophy at the end of the year.
Photo by little black spot on the sun today on Flickr

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