Sunday, October 24, 2010

Points to Recall

Tomorrow night I have power soccer. Therefore, let me review for the world what I need to remember.
Play defense facing forward. Of course, the easiest way to surrender a goal is to bump it into your own goal. Facing forward to help eliminate the odds of taking an unintended shot on your own goalie.
Remember the weak side. It seems that more often than not goals are scored on the weak side. Due to the fact that there can only be one defender in the box with their goaltender, that defendant will most likely be on ball side with goaltender. The offense can set that weak side player right on the post. Half of the goal will be wide open if a strong cross can be made.
Play the ball to the outside on defense. Granted, many goals are scored from free kicks or corner kicks from the sideline. However, with the ball bouncing around in the middle, the risk is even greater. Also, since there is only one defender in the box, one of his or her teammates will probably be on the outside to pass to.

I hope you enjoyed the three points that I intend to work on and remember tomorrow night. If I forget them, let me know very loudly so I can do better next time. As always, iron sharpens iron.

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