Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weak Side!

It was a great night at power soccer practice. I think that we are definitely coming together even though we slightly mixed up the typical teams just so that we do not get accustomed to just playing with two players. It was good to see that we are still able to gel even though we haven't played with certain players for a while. That is a vital part of making the team. We need to be able to be familiar enough with who is on the floor to know their strengths and weaknesses and how to support them best. That was what I was most impressed by last night. It seems that we are all learning how to adapt to each other, and I hope that continues. Also, I noticed that the weak side was much more active last night which is also extremely important. When the weak side is active, there will be many more opportunities for goals. In fact, I think that two of our goals were weak side and one of the other teams. More than half of the goals were weak side; obviously it is very important. Nevertheless, great practice last night, and get ready for next week.

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