Thursday, October 14, 2010

Support the Power Soccer Community

First, let me encourage everyone to go to this website and vote for power soccer athlete Ben Carpenter to put on the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids. I do not personally know Ben, but we all should get behind him so that he can be an ambassador for power soccer for a different audience. For example, I wish that somebody would have written about power soccer in Sports Illustrated for Kids when I used to read it. As the primary medium for children who want to read about sports regardless of disability, it would have been awesome for me to have discovered power soccer earlier. Oh well, I guess I'll have to enjoy it now and make up for lost time. However, the point remains that everyone should vote for Ben! Get on here and rock the vote! I should mention that I've already placed my vote, so I am not just telling you to do something that I won't do. This could be a big step for power soccer. I hope that everyone helps it gain the support that it deserves!

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