Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a Night

You all know what I have to write today. How amazing was Roy Halladay last night? In my opinion, that was pretty much the most dominant performance I've seen him turn in. He was getting first pitch strikes and never really having any ball hit hard. The closest is probably that final out by Brandon Phillips as Carlos Ruiz almost overran it and had to make a somewhat dangerous play that was fortunately successful. It was funny though because as I was watching the game on TBS, the fans were going crazy, and then as we all wondered whether or not Ruiz was going to make the throw, the fans began silent. However, as soon as Ryan Howard caught the ball, it was pandemonium. Even Roy Halladay who is particularly stoic on the mound couldn't help but smile as that final play was going down. That is definitely the way to make the playoff debut! It is hard to believe that Halladay hasn't been in the playoffs before, but I am glad that he waited for this start to be in a Phillies uniform. Now, one of the only two postseason no-hitters has been done in a Phillies uniform. How cool is that?

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