Saturday, October 30, 2010

Upset City

Well, I haven't written much about Vermont soccer for a while. Here's the story though. If I told you that a team ranked 19th in the country was from Vermont, you might not believe me. Many people including myself realize that Vermont sports are not necessarily the most competitive. However, you should believe me because Champlain Valley Union High School (CVU) was ranked 19th in the country. Notice the use of the past tense. The reason I put it in the past tense is because CVU got beat. Oh, okay, they must have gone to some national tournament and been beaten by like the 20th ranked team. Wrong! They got beat by an eight seed. That's right, in the Vermont Division I playoffs, Harwood Union High School based out of Duxbury, Vermont took them down 1-0. Let's put this in perspective. CVU has only lost one game in the past two seasons. They have won seven out of the last eight championships in Division I. Basically, they are pretty impressive. Well, Harwood somehow managed to slip by on a goal by a kid who normally stops them. Win Parker is normally a backup goalie for Harwood, but he managed to bury CVU and probably create a Vermont legend. The classic David versus Goliath theme never gets old, so congratulations to Harwood for an excellent game!
Photo by US Army Africa on Flickr

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