Sunday, February 27, 2011

Broken Down

So, some of you might think that I am sitting in my power soccer chair right now because I can't get enough of power soccer. You would be somewhat right. The real reason I'm in this chair right now is because my other one decided to break. We are not sure what went wrong, but it decided to die while I was going up the ramp. That normally wouldn't be a problem because you just shift my chair into manual and roll it in. However, the problem with that would be that the tire locked up and wouldn't turn at all. Of course, that didn't go well, but eventually I ended up inside, and then my chair ended up inside. That would be why I am in my other chair. I am going to end early today because I want you all to look at this story. Last night, the Vermont Chargers were featured on the Fox 44 news in Burlington. I wish I could find the video, but it was sweet.

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