Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Social Media

I think social media is definitely becoming more popular in the power soccer world. I know that our team has joined the trend as well. It is incredibly convenient to be able to announce an event to everyone who really cares in one concise message. I know that I'm trying to keep our page updated with quotes or other bits of information so that there is a relatively consistent image of our team that appears on Facebook every few days. However, like I said before, our team is definitely not unique. The United States Power Soccer Association, Team USA, and many other individual clubs like us all have fan pages, so that makes it very easy for each individual player to be able to see what's going on with other teams around the country. There is an immense power in social media, but of course it needs to be harnessed and utilized properly. Even if you have a Facebook page, it will not do a lot of good if nobody knows about it. Therefore, there needs to be a commitment to outreach. Our team is doing well with this, and even though we are not one of the best teams in America, we have more fans than any individual team I've been able to find in the country, and worldwide it looks as if we are only bested by Aspire in England in terms of fans. Let's keep working on it!
Photo by marcopako  on Flickr

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