Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring is Coming

I think that all of this snow is ridiculous. Apparently, we are supposed to get a lot more snow over the weekend and next week. That is also ridiculous. Anyway, you can listen to the news if you want to hear that stuff, so that is not why you're here. You're here to listen to me talk about something that I'm avoiding talking about right now because I am still thinking about what I should write. I think I'm going to write about how I was very excited to see my homework level slowly dropping. Along with this snow, I think that the homework is also ridiculous. There are a lot of ridiculous things in the world apparently, and another one will be if the Phillies do not win the World Series this year. Of course, we can't talk like that because we know they're going to win the World Series anyway, so it is pointless to speculate otherwise. I think that this team has the best pitching they have ever had, so even though the Bank is a hitter's ballpark, that does not discount the fact that these pitchers will do better than anyone else even if they do give up more runs than they would if they played in a giant ballpark because the opposing pitchers have to come to Philadelphia as well. It will be a fun year I have no doubt!

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