Sunday, February 13, 2011

Four Hours, Two Days

Well, I began the weekend as an everyday college student, and now that the weekend is over, I have been called a power soccer addict. I haven't really done that much more than ordinary except for the fact that I went down to Littleton, New Hampshire today following our practice last night to help this new team along the path towards power soccer greatness. Once I reach it, I guess I might be able to point the way better, so I guess I really was helping them towards where I am at right now which is power soccer averageness. Anyway, I was driving around in a fully charged chair unlike last night, so that was an improvement, but I also discovered that I am still over the forward speed limit by about .4 seconds. I guess another trip to the mechanic will be necessary. That was a ton of fun though. When you first start to play power soccer, there is a sense of excitement simply for the fact that you now have a sport to play. Now, I am more at the level where I totally love playing (or else I wouldn't be called an addict), but I also got a lot of my enjoyment from improving and playing well as opposed to just hitting the ball. So, thank you to Becca, Sharon, and Taylor for sharing your practice with me and thank you everyone from the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country for letting me come down. It was great to be around newer players who are just realizing the amazing sport that is power soccer!

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