Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goal Congruency

So, my power soccer coach Sandy asked me what I wanted to get out of power soccer, so here's a list that I wrote.

·         Be given the opportunity to continue improving through challenge
·         Progress on a track to be able to play with highly competitive teams and not be humiliated
·         Be able to be able to help my teammates improve as well
·         Make a contribution as far as organization or administrative work goes to help our team advance to the "next level"
·         Gain a greater understanding of the game to improve intelligent aggression and decrease senseless penalties (excessive two-on-ones that are clearly my fault)
·         Obviously, having fun and enjoying my teammates

I think it is a pretty good list, but what do you think? I think that these are relatively realistic goals given our current level of play. While I think that they are ambitious definitely, I do not believe that they are outrageous given that they are also not all immediate goals but rather where I want to grow to. This is a good exercise for everyone so that you can understand what you really want out of this great experience of a team sport.

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