Friday, February 25, 2011

Deadline Deal

Knowing the fact there is a snow storm coming up from the south doesn't make me happy. However, today is going to be very warm, well very warm for winter, so that is happy. And it's Friday, so that is good as well. It is kind of interesting how the NBA trade deadline has been pretty active. Obviously, the Knicks were the big movers, but they have a lot of deals in general. The only thing I don't like about these giant deals in the NBA is that the rosters are not very large, so trading four or five players is almost trading half of the team. Nothing is technically wrong with this, but I would have to assume that it is hard to rebuild the team chemistry when half of the team is traded away. Obviously, it can be done because the NBA always seems to have one blockbuster deal in the middle of every season. All of this being said, I hope that all of the deals work out well for the teams involved, but I also think that Denver will regret this deadline. Carmelo was their star and franchise player, so I don't understand why they let him go regardless of cost.
Photo by Mike Saechang on Flickr

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