Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It can be overwhelming to look at everything at once. I had that happen twice yesterday. I was meeting with my group for my management class and essentially the end product that our group will have to produce will be a 100 page paper. Of course, looking at that right now while we haven't physically written anything is overwhelming. However, if we look at just the 20 page first part that we have to write for a few weeks away, it definitely is not so overwhelming anymore. Then, I talked to some of my power soccer teammates just to talk about the game and visit, and the conversation went to thinking about what is involved in creating a first-class organization similar to what other teams have been doing. Of course, if you look at everything that these organizations do, it can be kind of overwhelming because it does seem to require a lot of money to make these things happen. Of course, it is totally possible to do this because obviously there are teams who are already doing this, but it is important to look at everything in steps. Yesterday was pretty great in that respect, and now I see how all of this stuff will be able to get done.
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